Link Missionaries

We have a number of link missionaries, both in Australia and overseas, who we support financially and through prayer, as partners seeking to Share Christ.

The Mcintyre Family

David and Beck Mcintyre (Plus Alyssa, Natasha and Mitchell)

David, Beck with their children Alyssa, Natasha and Mitchell are serving as CMS missionaries in Japan.

They have been working in Nishinomiya, which is next to the big city of Osaka, at Mondo Bible Church. They have finished their time at Mondo and from August 2022 will be joining Crossroad Church where they will be focusing on discipling and training people.

The Blackwell Family

Kate and Andrew Blackwell (Plus Ben and William)

In 2013 God placed a specific call on Andrew and Kate to work in Bulgara with those who have been, or are at risk of being trafficed or sexually exploited. The majority of these come from Roma communities. They are working with a team of Bulgarian/Roma nationals, seeking to walk alongside local Christians with a vision for whole-life discipleship in their communities. They are working in partnership with European Christian Mission. (ECM

Mike and Jacky Hammond

Mike and Jacky served in Malawi as part of the missionary organisation SIM. They lived in Malawi for fifteen years and returned to Australian in March 2021. They are currently working with SIM Australia and SIM International. Jacky has joined the SIM International ‘For Freedom’ team as the Ministry co-ordinator for Southern/Eastern African and Australia. Mike provides Operational Support for Southern Africa and SIM Australia including the role of Company Secretary.

Christine Dillon

Christine served in Taiwan since 1999 and returned to Australia in late 2021. Her ministry involves sharing Bible stories with people that she meets and discipling groups of new Christians. She also trains other people to tell stories and lead groups. Christine is currently taking a ‘gap year’ role at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC).

Ross and Lyndal Webb

ROSS AND LYNDAL WEBB Ross and Lyndal served in Vanuatu and their ministry with Wycliffe was to translate the Bible into many different tribal languages in order that all people are able to have access to a Bible in their own language. Vanuatu has over 100 different languages groups. They have so far helped translate 15 whole Bibles and another 4 New Testaments.

Tim and Val Nicholson

Tim and Val are serving with Interserve in Nepal. Tim has extensive experience in Information Technology (IT) and is working with the IT team at the United Mission Hospital in Tansen. Val is also working at the same Hospital and is involved in Ultrasound Training.