Toys ‘n’ Tucker

Starts: 8:00am 5 November, 2023
Finishes: 8:00pm 26 November, 2023

This Christmas, we’re collecting food and gifts for those who are doing it tough.  Last year Toys ‘n’ Tucker delivered 4,000 toy hampers and 5,000 gift hampers directly into the hands of our local community. Even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact! Bring your donations by 26 November and let’s come together as a community, reflecting God’s love and generosity to those who are most vulnerable.

Wondering what to give? (Sadly we can’t include chocolate as it’s likely to melt)
FoodStandard sizes are preferred to help fit everything in neatly.
Christmas pudding, Tinned ham or chunky soup (450g), Tinned salmon or tuna (415g), Tea (100pk), Coffee (100g), Packet of biscuits (no chocolate biscuits), Dried pasta (500g), Pasta sauce, Long-life milk, Long-life custard, Tinned fruit and vegetables (425g), Jam (500g)

Gift ideas
Pre-school – Age-appropriate games, Educational toys, Picture books
Children – Good-quality toys, Outdoor games, Sporting equipment
Teenagers – Gift cards/vouchers, Sporting equipment, Toiletry packs

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